Friday, June 6, 2014

romy cardigan

According to ravelry, I finished knitting this cardigan February 2nd. It's embarrassing that it took me over four months to finally share it here on the blog. My only excuse is that it took me about 3.5 months to find and sew on buttons...
It's way too hot to wear the cardigan now but I'm already looking forward to spring.
The sleeves turned out to be a little bit too long but I wanted the cardigan to be slightly oversized anyway. The yarn (100% alpaca) is very warm but it leaves a trail of fluff everywhere.
Leather book necklace by nicopapergoods // photos by Julia


  1. This is gorgeous! well done!

  2. What a nice finish. Good job!

  3. What a beauty, I bet that alpaca is just so warm and squishy.

  4. Beautiful cardigan - it looks so warm and fuzzy! The buttons you chose suit it very well, too.

  5. Marie, You knit a lot with alpaca, do you find that it grows longer as you wear it or would you say it isn't a problem?
    As always it is a beautiful cardi.

    1. Hey Pia,
      yes, alpaca cardigans definitely grow in length. I don't mind too much though because I like 'oversized' sweaters ;) I'd say they usually grow about 2" longer so keep that in mind if you want your sweaters to turn out exactly as planned :)

    2. Thank you :) I don't see myself using it by itself anytime soon, but I really like mixing it with other fibres.


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