Wednesday, May 28, 2014

wiwo wednesday vol. 4

I made some progress on my buttercup sweater. I'm almost done with the first skein and I hope to finish the lace border today and separate for the body.
So far it looks a little... messy? but I hope am sure that it'll look lovely once it's blocked.
I'm done with part A of the bolt statement and started part B. There are some holes where I picked up stitches for part B which I don't like too much. Hopefully they won't be noticeable once blocked!
Since I didn't make any progress on my current sock project I thought I'd share a home decor project I'm working on. After living in this apartment for almost two years I finally started hanging some art and photos. It's still far from perfect / done but it's nice to to stare at an empty wall when I wake up in the morning. The wall is gonna be yarn/knitting inspired. I plan on adding a weaving project, too! (once I built myself a loom...)

How are your wips coming along?


  1. It's exciting to see your progress from week to week! The lace section on the Buttercup looks lovely as it is, but I'm sure blocking will bring out its beauty even more.

    1. Thanks, Kaiya :) I just sent you a pm via ravelry with my answers to the Liebster award. Also, when I wrote it I had a total blackout and forgot your first name. Lol. Sorry about that ;)


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