Tuesday, May 27, 2014

rock island shawl

Yet another project off the needles? You probably think I don't do anything but knit all day. But to be honest, I finished this shawl almost two months ago. I know, that makes me a terrible blogger. But to my defence it was quite difficult to take proper pictures. The color of the yarn is almost impossible to capture on film.
The yarn is called 'Ruby Thursday' by Wollmeise. I love the color but I'm not too fond of knitting the yarn because it split all the time. Maybe it's just me but I'm very talented in poking the needle into the yarn itself instead of the stitch.
MBP_1621 MBP_1622
Nonetheless, I love the shawl. Brooklyn Tweed patterns never disappoint and with the rock island shawl Jared Flood nailed it again. If it wasn't for the tedious lace border that's knitted first I would've cast on another one already. As always, you can find all the important information on the ravelry project page.


  1. There's something about reds that cameras just don't like, isn't there? Beautiful shawl!

  2. I am the same when it comes to splitty yarn, but I am so happy that you worked through it because that shawl is lovely!


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