Sunday, May 25, 2014

little wave cardigan

You probably recognise this cardigan from the previous wiwo wednesday posts. I'm happy to share it here as a finished object! Click here to get to the project page.
I got the yarn in Florida in March and had originally intended to use it for the Levenwick cardigan. Well turns out a very soft alpaca/wool blend isn't ideal if you want a stand-up collar. So I decided to use it for the little wave cardigan, which has been on my to-knit list since the pattern was published.
I think the yarn is perfect for the cardigan. I love the color and how soft yet warm it is. Oh and have I mentioned the gorgeous ocean blue/green mix color? I love having a cardigan that I can combine with pretty much all my clothes yet it's not grey. My roomie would be proud of me if she read this.
I ran out of yarn right before the finish line so I had to buy an additional skein to knit the pockets. Luckily I found someone in GB who sold a skein via ravelry. Apparently berroco yarn is impossible to find in Germany. Too bad because it's one of my favorite yarns to knit with.
The cardigan also matches my new book necklace perfectly. I've had the necklace in a gorgeous yellow for over two years so I finally gave in and bought another one to reward myself for reaching the halfway point of my undergraduate studies.
Also a huge THANK YOU to my roomie Julia for snapping these pictures. Taking pictures of yourself with a tripod in public isn't exactly my favorite activity so I'm really thankful for having a friend who makes taking pictures fun. Also, she forced me to exercise with her in exchange for the photos. Double win.


  1. An excellent finish! The color and design look great on you - nice job.

  2. Really suits you, what a gorgeous blue colour. Looks like lovely snuggly cardigan :)

  3. Beautiful cardigan! I'm still amazed how quickly you knitted it, even if you had to wait a bit for the yarn for the pockets. And the book necklace is so adorable! I'm seriously tempted to get one now.

    PS I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  4. Your Little Wave turns out gorgeous!
    I love the shot Julia took of the cardi with your matching manicure. ;D

  5. Eine wunderschöne Jacke und auch die Farbe sieht großartig aus. Das wird doch sicher ein Lieblingsteil! Das Muster sieht schwierig aus, da muss ich sicher noch einige Zeit üben, um so etwas hinzubekommen.


  6. Lovely cardigan, really suits you :)


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