Sunday, December 29, 2013

52 craft projects // patchwork mug rug

It's extremely difficult to find a present for my uncle because he has a very different taste than I do, he has 'everything he needs' and enough money to buy anything he wants. Naturally I decided to make something for him that he doesn't have already and can't buy in a shop: a handmade mug rug!
I chose a color combination to match his taste. For inspiration, I simply looked for patchwork mug rugs online and stumbled about this beautiful blog. Lots of inspiration for beautiful mug rugs there!
My beloved sewing machine has been having some major tension problems. The tension seems to change ten times during one sewing project. Not fun! But I have plans to purchase a mechanical straight-stitch machine next year so hopefully that will solve my tension problems ;)

52craftprojects2013This is project #41 of 52 craft projects I'm attempting to complete in 2013. You can see all the other projects I've complete so far here.

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  1. Your uncle is going to love the mat. A friend made a mug mat for me several years ago, and I use it every morning.


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