Saturday, March 10, 2012



...I've gotten into the habit of going running at least twice a week. The treadmill in our tiny gym was finally repaired so I don't have an excuse for not running on a rainy day anymore. Though I prefer to run outside, e.g. at the beach. I ran with friends a couple of times but I prefer to go alone, on my own pace.

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... I wore  lipstick more often. Inspired by Meredith's Blogging for Confidence series, I made it a goal for March to wear lipstick everyday for a week. Since I only own three lipsticks and they are all pretty similar in color, I felt pretty much the same every day. Only two people noticed that something was different... I guess the colors weren't extreme enough?
Well, I've had fun doing it, the only awkward part was trying to take self-portraits with my phone in the public bathroom during break. Some girls might have stared at me but if you're the person who is known to knit in public/class you are used to it.


...I miss knitting! I'm not saying that I didn't knit at all but with several midterms, assignments and tons of readings for school, my time devoted to knitting has been very limited. Even the 2-3 hours at knitting club have no been very productive for me because people wanna learn new techniques, such as knitting cables, fair isle, in the round etc. which is great and a lot of fun to teach but I need some quiet evenings to catch up on my 52 Knits project.


... I drank a lot of tea. With a lot I mean like 6-8 cups a day. It's certainly a healthier addiction that eating ice cream but I'm ready for spring; I can't wait for the days to be longer again, fresh fruit smoothies and tea time in the garden.

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