Saturday, November 26, 2011

Habitat Hat

Habitat Hat

I won't deny that we get quite a lot of rain in Vancouver. And living next to the sea means that it's pretty windy most of the time. The mix of wind and rain means that I didn't leave my dorm without a hat for the past weeks. I only brought three hats from Germany and you need at least two per day (there's always one drying on my heater) so I figured I 'need' a new hat.

I love pretty much all Brooklyn Tweed designs and I had a hard time deciding between these hats: Irving, HabitatRosebud, and Laurel. I decided on the Habitat hat and looove it. Can't wait to make more of these hats :)

Habitat Hat II

It took me four evenings to make the hat(= about 3 movies + 3 House episodes), but it was worth every second :) Now I'm back to knitting more Christmas presents... I wish I could share them on here but I know some of the people read my blog so you have to wait until after Christmas - I'll photograph all presents before I give them away though :)

I realized that I've done a terrible job sharing my Autumn Twenty Eleven Minibook updates with you - sorry! I'll post an update later - if there's enough light to take some decent photos.

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  1. Oooh - it's lovely! I'm not much of a hat person, but there are so many cute ones, I've been considering a change of heart. :) lol.


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